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Data protection

Find our data protection when you follow the link

I see your email and your name when you submit on my page. I won’t publish it when you write a realistic real life name. If anything is wrong with our website, contact us! You can always send me your findings on google maps or other mapping services. For cooperations or content publishing also use these contact icons… (gmail or Instagram DM)

For brands

We worked together with brands like gauthmath, speedwrite, among chat and citybuy, usually with paid promotions. We have a big community on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. We know how to make sponsored posts famous!

Contact me on for a collaboration offer. I usually reply to all offers, and if not, please also DM my Instagram (@gmapsfun).

Content publishing conditions

Rules for my submissions and for requests

Please mention that I show coordinates on my Instagram account. I will publish a video with the coordinates in the caption (video description).

When the coordinates are already in the video, I will put the link to the place on google maps in my bio. Please mention that I show the google maps link in my bio.

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t mention that! It’s better for my account and it can’t be a problem for you.


  • I only accept requests that credit me (or pay money).
  • When the content will be published on Tiktok, I want you to credit my Tiktok account.
  • When it is on Instagram, I want you to credit my Instagram account (@gmapsfun).
  • The credit has to be a clickable tag.
  • When you publish it anywhere else, please credit my Instagram and my Tiktok

Exclusive and non-exclusive submissions

I only do exclusive submissions with content publishing pages that will post it on Instagram and credit my Instagram account or with very big accounts on other platforms (9M+). For some videos, when I think nobody else could still be interested in posting it, I will submit.

I always accept non-exclusive submissions with Instagram accounts that are bigger than my Instagram account (26K+). On TikTok I also don’t mind when big sites want to post my videos.

About us and content rules

Hello everyone, I usually create google maps videos on Tiktok and on Instagram. I made this website to share my findings. These are the rules I try to not violate. I hope you enjoy exploring this website…

I try to not post on my website

  • nswf content
  • images of dead humans or animals that are on google maps
  • unblurred faces (read the rules for a removal)

Rules for you on my website:

Do not post spam comments or messages! Thank you! You can use my findings for videos, but credits would be nice.

I try to not post on TikTok and Instagram

  • stolen content (more than five seconds) without permission
  • copied content ideas without credit
  • images that show people that are dead or hurt
  • nswf content
  • any content that violates the community guidelines (guns and everything else that is written there)
  • content that shows unblurred human faces (read the rules for a removal for more information about that)

Anything violates these rules? Contact us!

Rules for you on Tiktok:

Do not copy my ideas without credit. When you steal my videos without asking before you will get blocked and banned!

Rules for a video removal:

Your video was stolen without credit? (That should never happen)

  • Your video was stolen without credit? I usually do not steal any videos, but if I ever do it, contact me for credits/ shoutout
  • If I should remove your video, it must at least have less than 500K views after a few days and it must be a exact copy
  • contact me for individual solutions in this case
  • I sometimes try to make it look the same with lots of effort, but you can usually find a difference if you look closely

Your video idea was copied? (I try to use my own ideas)

  • I will usually not remove when anything (music etc.) is different or it is a viral video, but I will give credits in the comments
  • I will try to make the next videos different

Your face is unblurred in my video?

Google Maps has all rights and they are responsible for unblurred faces, but I will remove it from my website and from my Tiktok page if it is your face. When it’s a viral video I will try to find a different solution. Contact me!

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