Tutorial where I find my pictures

Hello everyone!

Today I will give you an explanation how I find all the pictures I upload here.

When I started making Google Earth/ Google Maps Tiktok videos a while ago, I searched Google Earth or something like that on tiktok. But I could not see the coordinates in many videos. I searched on the internet for a long time and found many pictures. I tried to search in different languages to find more Google Maps coordinates.

This is where I find my pictures and how many:


https://www.streetviewfun.com/ 50% of my pictures are from streetviewfun. This website found more than 15.000 funny Google Street View images. I searched there for a very long time. !!! I also submitted images there which I didn’t post on my website, this is my profile on streetviewfun, use it to find more pictures:



https://www.reddit.com/r/googlemapsshenanigans/ 10% of my pictures are from reddit r/googlemapsshenanigans. This subreddit has 96.000 members and shows funny google maps places. Some pictures are from r/googleearthsecrets.


This is my reddit profile with 20.000 upvotes:



Internet research (15%)

Other websites which show funny google maps links: (That is not every website I found, many websites don’t show links. Sometimes I had to search for hours to find coordinates for one picture.)




4 Youtube:

This is my youtube channel where I show more Google Maps places, please subscribe:


This playlist shows funny Google Maps Easter Eggs with Google Maps links in the description ( not my videos) :


https://www.weirdgoogleearth.com/ I found 5% of my pictures there, but I uploaded many pictures before. The person who created this website found pictures on my website and uploaded them with other descriptions. But I didn’t know the very old pictures from this website before.


http://google-street-view.com/ One of my favourite websites, the website is inactive. In the past they found many awesome Google Street View places, but they never showed coordinates like https://9-eyes.com/, another great website.


TikTok: 20% of my pictures are from Tiktok, where I found coordinates in videos. I have 170.000 followers there.


These are my favourite Google Earth Tiktok accounts.








I found two pictures I posted here myself, more are on https://www.streetviewfun.com/author/m_und_m-tv/

I didn’t find all pictures I submitted there myself, but some.



Please submit funny Google Maps Links. Just go to submit and read what I wrote there. You can create your own posts here too, just contact me at the submit site.

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